Faux Finished – Accent Wall Magic

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Faux Marble Technique - can be any color to match your decor...
Faux Marble Technique – can be any color to match your decor…

Many say the Faux Finish “phase” has passed…..the market, television, bookstores, home improvement stores and homes became saturated with Faux Finish Paint Techniques….Then… Neutral became the new look and we forgot how beautiful Faux Finishes could be and how they can magically transform a room.

Consider an accent wall and revisit adding a Faux Finish to your decor!

Add height to your space with a Faux Bamboo finish...
Add height to your space with a Faux Bamboo finish…

An accent wall can do magical things to a room…..but which wall do you select?   Have a long, narrow room?…consider the wall at the opposite end of where you enter the room; Bedroom? …consider the wall behind the bed for a punch of texture and color…OR…consider the wall facing the bed, not a busy wall perferated with windows, closets and doors (you’ll want the accent wall to display as much of the Faux Finish as possible for effect); the same “rule” applies for a living room, kitchen, dining room and bath.

Now that you’ve selected the wall, which Faux Finish technique is best?  That answer depends on many factors.  Some phone pics jan 2015 dnlwd 616suggestions..a Faux Marble Faux Finish can add elegance and charm to a room, utilizing the three most prominent colors in the room’s decor…a Sponging Faux Finish Technique can add soft and subtle or  strong and bold color and texture, depending on the desired mood….a Color Wash Faux Finish adds a soft, suggestion of color…Glaze or Poly Stripes can make a room feel “taller”….Faux Brick, Faux Stone, Faux Leather…Which Faux faux trioFinish Paint Technique would be your preference?…Which room can benefit from the magic of an Accent Wall?


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